As we reflect on 2018, we would remiss if we didn’t say ‘thank you’. This past year has been filled with significant accomplishments and steady growth for Herd Strategies.  We’ve made new friends, been involved with many amazing projects and received significant recognition along the way.

We’ve spent the past year writing blogs about an array of topics ranging from time management to prioritizing your life and work. Through our Herd Strategies Friday Features we have highlighted members of our community who are making a difference and showcased the unique talent and diversity we celebrate throughout our city. As we are quickly approaching the start of a New Year, we wanted to announce the end of our Wednesday WakeUp and Friday Feature. All good things must come to an end and it’s time to say goodbye.

But we’re pleased to announce that beginning January 1 we’ll still be celebrating but in a different way. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our:


Monday Motivations

The #MondayMotivations will continue to be something we post about on Mondays. In 2019, we will utilize a new design and will feature motivational quotes by astounding influencers. If you have an idea for a quote or maybe have one you have made up, send it to us. We’ll add it to our list.












Wednesday Wink

Part of our new line-up will be our Wednesday Wink designed to highlight everyday people doing extraordinary things. We’ll be giving a wink to people who have done a good deed, gone out of their way to help another or are doing amazing things in our community. Everyone deserves a wink … watch out … we might be winking at you!












Focus Friday

Each week on Focus Friday a member of the Herd Strategies team will share their thoughts and perspectives about topics or issues that are impacting our community and the world. We will highlight people, organizations, current events … you get the idea. Please make sure to check in weekly and also share your ideas.












We will miss our Feature Friday’s and thank everyone who has participated. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday and look forward to motivating, winking and focusing on what makes our community and our world a wonderful place in 2019.