What makes an internship unique? I hear all the time, “ after college, the real world hits you fast.” Going to college, I never really wanted to think about what will happen after graduation, because I secretly knew I wasn’t prepared and didn’t quite know how to prepare myself. To compound matters, as hard as college is, the thought of choosing a career and looking for a job seemed almost daunting. Thankfully, one of the requirements for my degree is to secure an internship. 

Pursuing a career in marketing and communications fascinates me and there are so many paths to choose from. I knew I needed help and securing an internship has helped me figure things out.

My time working as an intern at Herd Strategies has been an amazing learning experience. I have attended special events, a national conference, and have been introduced to so many people I have lost count. The team never shied away from helping me and I thank all of them for the opportunities I have experienced. I worked hard and sometimes I felt as though I was struggling but the team always supported me and helped me stretch and grow in many ways I never knew that I could. I know when I leave this internship, I will have more knowledge and awareness about what it takes to become successful in the marketing communications industry. My internship has been a blessing and exceeded my expectations. There are so many things I need to learn and I can’t wait. If you know a college student encourage them to complete an internship. It will be one of the best experiences they will have. I am so grateful for my intern experience. More importantly, I thank God for instilling in me the ability to remain focused on my goal, to push forward and never give up.

“If it was easy, everybody would be doing it and your competition would be outrageous.” – David Fairweather