Hi everyone, Amya here. So at my school, they’ve been building a big sports play park thing and we’ve been watching them for a long time and finally its ready. All of my friends and our parents were invited to come check it out for everyone before it opens to everyone else. There is a humongous tree house that I was really excited about. Every day I look at it on my way to school and mommy said it was ready! I couldn’t wait to go inside. We got to the park and the first thing I wanted to do was go to the treehouse. I ran over and guess what? It was closed!!! I was soooo disappointed. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been waiting FOREVER and even now, I still can’t go in. I was really sad. I mean really sad. But when I looked around at all the other cool activities to explore and spotted some of my friends there I turned my frown upside down. Plus, it will be on open on Friday and I get to go with my whole class. So I’m cool. Okay bye.

Editor’s Note: We all encounter disappointment at some time or another. When you do, be sure to appreciate what’s around you and   count the small wins along the way. Whatever you are hoping is on the horizon. Ok. Bye.