Hi guys, it’s Amya and Denise here.  We’ve been thinking a lot about something we think is very important no matter how young or seasoned you are. We all struggle with it … you know what it is. It’s about trusting yourself.

So one time on last Tuesday me and mommy saw a lady on tv and she was crying really hard. I asked my mommy why she was crying. She said the lady was unhappy with how some things turned out in her life. I said, “is she crying because she can’t trust herself.” Mommy said, “wow, that’s probably true.” I don’t know why the lady can’t trust herself because if you make good choices then things will go well. You have to practice making good choices over and over and if you do you won’t have to cry so hard like the lady.

Amaya is right but it’s so hard. Sometimes our families, friends, co-workers and colleagues challenge us and we lose our footing. We start to question ourselves and find our confidence shaken. When this happens it’s easy to give up but you can’t. This is when we have to dig deep, hold our heads up, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and trust ourselves.

We’ve decided that each and every day we are going to trust ourselves and make good choices because that is what life is about. Ok? Ok. Bye-Bye.