Stress is something that everyone feels. No matter what age you are, the color of your skin, or even your economic status. An issue that I have with stress or anxiety and I know other people do is that we never talk about it.

When that person goes home and looks in the mirror they see the side that no one else gets to see. This semester of college has really shown me that stress and anxiety are key factors in someone’s mental health. You can’t ignore the stress and anxiety or else you will crash and burn.

We live in a society where people may open up more about these issues but are looked at as “complaining”. That should not be the case. Talking out loud to other people is one great way to bring both your anxiety and stress levels down. When you are talking to a friend and they are telling you these things, just listen. Don’t immediately resort to giving that person a solution because nine times out ten they are just wanting to vent. By listening you can help someone who may feel like they are drowning.

Managing your stress and anxiety are two factors in living a healthy life. You should not ignore your feelings at all. Find something that makes you happy, talk to someone who is willing to listen, and learn better skills on how to manage it.