Stop and smell the roses. We have heard that saying so many times but when we do, we actually do that? When do we stop and smell the roses? We as a culture or just society in general always keep moving on never really slowing down.


Many people always talk about the future, what they plan to do and where they want to go. I for one am guilty of this; I tend to think in the future. Thinking of how great things will be next semester, next year, after college and so forth. I daydream a lot which is not a bad thing, but I tend to forget the great things that are right in front of me now. I forget how funny my friends and I are with each other. The late nights that college kids are going to have only in college.


We don’t have unlimited time. I am only going to be this age once in my life. Looking around and realizing how I need to slow down. Nothing is wrong with dreaming of the future but sometimes come back to reality. Roses don’t last forever so enjoy them while they are here.