Spring Clean Your Small Business


Spring is here! Just as mother nature swaps out our winter palette of black and gray for the vibrant colors of flowers and foliage in the spring, we too should refresh our physical and digital spaces. Often times we associate “spring cleaning” with housework but why not spring clean your place of business as well? Find my top three spring cleaning tips for small business owners below:


Deep Clean with Clients in Mind

When was the last time you deep cleaned the office refrigerator? Took inventory and restocked the items in your supply closet? Have you noticed all the dust bunnies multiplying in the corner of that office cubicle? What about the crumbs left behind on your keyboard after weeks of eating lunch at your desk?

I don’t list these scenarios to judge you, but to nudge you. Go over the details of your physical space with a fine toothed comb – then go back again and look at your space from the perspective of a potential client or customer and note exactly where you can improve. You may not be able to transform the entire space at once but you can certainly start making a list. Once you’ve got it all written down you can delegate tasks and complete that list in no time!


Zero Out Your Inbox

If you aren’t already attempting to maintain a low number of emails in your inbox here’s your chance to give it a try. From now until the end of the year, every time you receive a new email touch it once! Don’t say, oh I’ll come back to that later (because you won’t). Either delete it, file it away in a folder, or reply to it.

If you’ve got a ton of emails sitting in your inbox and you aren’t comfortable deleting them right now, create folders and organize them. That way you’re only saving what you need and in the process you’re making the emails super easy to find. Besides, the whole point of saving them is so you can easily locate them again when you need them, right?

Finally, whenever possible, reply to emails as soon as they come in or setup a routine where you check and reply to emails at certain times throughout the day. For example, to manage your inbox you can check and reply to emails first thing in the morning, around lunch, and just before you leave the office. You should run your inbox, don’t let it run you.


Refresh Your Online Presence

 Has it been a while since you’ve reviewed your social media accounts and website? If so, now is a great time to asses your header graphics and overall content strategy. Make sure the plans you’ve created for the digital extension of your brand align with your traditional growth metrics. Aesthetically, consistency is key so you want to make sure that your digital graphics fall in line with the signage, and print collateral you utilize offline as well.

Wondering where to start? Consider refreshing the headers and profile pictures featured on every social network you consistently update. Also consider revamping your social media strategy if you don’t seem to be posting every day or getting the type of engagement that you desire.

Hopefully these tips inspire you to spring clean your business. It deserves the same attention to detail and care that you give your house and once you’re done, you’ll feel clearer and more productive as well.

Happy Cleaning!