Social Media Memes for the Win

How do you adjust when you’re in doubt and defeat enters your brain? Do you cry and have a pity party or do you grab yourself by the bootstraps and get back to business? Sometimes all we need is a little motivation. This week’s blog is dedicated to helping you stay motivated and providing tips on how to break out of a slump.

You can start getting out of your slump by acknowledging the issue and how you are actually feeling. You can talk to a close friend or relative to get their perspective on how to remain positive. Remove words or phrases such as “I can’t” or “I’m not good at this” from your vocabulary. Those words reinforce those negative thoughts and feelings that prevent you from reaching success.

As a millennial and PR professional, social media is a big component of the industry. I find myself scrolling through social media to learn about new trends and while scrolling through I find memes that boost my confidence. A few simple words can do wonders to shift your perspective and change your outcomes.

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across a few motivational memes that have helped me to stay on track with my goals and get back into the swing of things. Take a look at these memes to help you get motivated this week and don’t be shy about posting a few of your own!