Dear Herd Strategies,

I will always be in debt to you.

The experience that I have gained in the professional world during my time here can’t be summed up in numbers. Sure, I’ve published several social media posts, contributed to public statements, crafted press releases, and learned how to better communicate professionally, but most importantly, I’ve made relationships that will benefit me in the future. Thank you, Herd Strategies.

This was my first internship, so coming in I knew absolutely nothing. Without prior experience, all I knew about the public service field is what I learned in the classroom, and that knowledge can only get a person so far. This opportunity showed me that students actually DO use things we learn in school and applying these skills in a professional environment regularly is critical. Now, I feel confident in whatever direction I decide to go next. Thank you, Herd Strategies.

Looking back, I’m sure working with me initially required a great deal of patience. This is why I am blessed to have worked with the team that I did. You all allowed me to succeed, allowed me to fail, and showed me that it is okay to crack a smile every once in a while in the professional world. I learned how important a diverse team with great cohesion is in any field. I also learned that disagreements will happen, but through negotiation and problem solving, the solutions that stem from disagreement are often the most effective. Without this team, there is no way I would have been able to have as much fun as I did while experiencing exponential growth in myself. Thank you, Herd Strategies.

I was nervous and a little overwhelmed when I walked into Herd Strategies for the first time. But now, I know that diving head first into things someone isn’t familiar with is where the most growth occurs. Now, I encourage everyone to do the same, whether it be an internship, applying for another job, or even changing career paths completely. With enough patience and perseverance, anyone can land in a place that benefits them as much as Herd Strategies benefited me.

And for that, all I can say is thank you, Herd Strategies.


Christopher Mitchem