Show Me the Money

Calling all college graduates! Now that college is over and we’re officially ‘adulting’ you may be asking yourself, “how do I balance my financial life after graduation”? Well I am here to let you know, you are not alone. As a recent college grad myself, I am learning ways to manage my finances for this new life I am living.  I decided to see how other recent grads are dealing with this issue.  I asked them to “show me the money” and this is what they had to say:

Ahnessa Black, Teen Program Assistant for Boys & Girls Club says:

Save a few dollars each month: Setting aside money every month is easier than it seems. She gave an example of how she set up her savings with her W-2. Her paycheck automatically removes $50 each month. “If you don’t see it you don’t know you have it,” Ahnessa expresses. This is a great example of how to save money. You don’t touch or see the withdrawal but you know that you are saving money.

Da’Shelle Blades, Engaging Solutions, Junior Accountant says:

Combine old and new clothes: If you are the type of person to constantly go shopping or buy the newest things, we may need to talk. This section is dedicated to you! It is perfectly fine to combine old and new items in your closet. Especially coming fresh out of college and knowing that loan payments are right around the corner, this method will help you save money. Not only will it help you save money, it will help you develop a unique style. “Yes you may feel discouraged or look down on yourself because you may not have the “proper attire” or expensive clothes that your colleagues have, “you’re fresh out of college but you have to live within your means and not beyond them.”

Da’Shelle Blades, Engaging Solutions, Juior Accountant, Mikaela Stevens former intern, Marion County Probation Office and Jheri Wills, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Tennessee believe:

Shop smarter, not harder: Shopping sale racks isn’t a shameful thing. On the contrary, it’s a beneficial thing. When you shop sale racks or discount stores, you find amazing things for cheaper. All three agree that great bargains can be found on the the sale racks at Target, Marshalls, TJMaxx.  The trio also agree that by shopping at Aldi versus Walmart or Kroger can save dollars each month. What may cost $50 at Kroger may only cost $35 at Aldi and with the weekly deals there are a lot of savings to be found.

I know this may sound ludicrous but this method is extremely profitable. Yes they are being passed to you from someone else but there are ways to make them yours – just piece the old with the new and vóila! You have a new outfit.  Remember, dressing for work is really about how you put the outfit together, not where you purchased it from. Being conscious about how you put the outfit together and saving money go hand in hand.


To be honest the best way to find money is to save money. You do this by creating a budget.  Trust me, I know adulting is not fun at all but we have to do it. Creating a budget will relieve stress for your future. It will help you to figure out what is important to invest in and what is not. What most people do not realize is that we invest in ourselves daily. Whether it’s a new car, new restaurant or grocery shopping, anything we buy for ourselves, is a form of investment. Plan out what is necessary to invest in and what is not. Make sure you also budget your time, you do not want to overwork yourself remember all work and no play is no fun.

Following these steps can help you save more money than you think. The more money you save the more money you see! There is no guidebook on life after college but these steps will help. As a college graduate, it is extremely important to learn good money management skills. Managing your money will help you prepare for life’s unexpected expenses and allow you the ability to have more fun without the worry of going broke.