A couple of weeks ago I checked into a hotel because I desperately needed to unplug from all of life’s responsibilities and distractions. I needed to make time to feed my soul and recharge. Sometimes it’s like that. We can be so intentional about setting goals, making plans, and executing, all of which are important. But in order to continue doing so in a healthy and sustainable way, we must be just as intentional about carving out time for rejuvenation.


In my short time away, I reflected on three things. I’d like to share them with you in hopes that they inspire you the way that they inspired me.


  1. Service: True success is found in the level of service we provide to others. Worry less about meeting your needs and more about meeting the needs of others and in doing so your needs will be met beyond anything you could have imagined. It is God’s way and the way of the universe.
  2. Level Up: In order to ascend to higher heights, you are going to have to level up and that means being done with small-minded things. Be done with insecurity, unkind speech of any kind, imposing limits on yourself and others, and expelling energy onto anything that doesn’t speak to your divine purpose. There is no room for these traits if you are going to live the life of your dreams. Allow everything that you do be derived from a place of peace, power and love.
  3. Be a cornerstone: A cornerstone is defined as an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based. In essence, it is the foundation by which other things are measured. Be a cornerstone. Set the tone. Set the pace. Set the standard. Do whatever you’ve been destined to do with excellence, so much so that people want to know where you got your gift. If they look deeply enough, they will begin to understand your source and they may then find their own.


From my heart to yours, go be great!