Hi everybody! Last week I started camp at my new school. So far, it’s been great except one thing. We get to bring our own lunches and that’s so cool because I never did that before. I got a new lunch box and everything! My mommy asked me what I wanted to take for lunch and I chose peanut butter and jelly, my favorite. Then, she said it’s a peanut-free zone. That made me so angry. Everywhere is a peanut-free zone. Everywhere I go, no peanuts, no peanuts, no peanuts! But I like peanut butter. I loooveee peanut butter. I was so sad but my mommy had a great idea. We used something called almond butter! I never heard of it and thought I wouldn’t like it, but guess what?! It tastes even better than peanut butter! So now I have a new favorite and a good lunch. It’s just like the song says, “You have to try new things because they might taste, gooood, gooood!” Ok, bye.