2017 has less than 70 days left in the year. We tend to lose sight of why we do what we do when time rolls in. We become so consumed by creating new goals, cleaning out the old stuff and trying to find time to prepare for the new year. With the preparation of the new, it is beneficial to reflect on the “why”. As the new year approaches, it is time to focus on the next three P’s: passion, purpose and pride.

A few weeks ago, we reflected on patience, peace and perseverance. This is a backbone to help you continue to push through to achieve your goals. You can find the blog post here. Looking back on the blog post, you have a reason to continue but do you know the reason of why you started? Why did you want to achieve that goal? Why did you want to start that business? Why do you do the things you do? These 3 P’s will allow you to take a moment and find your “why”. Finding your “why” will help you to achieve your current goals and your future goals.

  1. Passion is the drive you have. Taking the time out to truly figure out your passion will allow you to view your goal more clearly. It will also allow you to move differently and more strategically towards your goal. It answers the question, “why do you do what you do?” Write down what brings you the most joy when you’re working or creating something.
  2. Purpose is a word that I even have a difficult time figuring out. Many question, “what was I put on Earth to do?” This may take you a bit of time and the most reflection. What have your past lessons taught you? Why did you begin this goal? What do you truly believe in your heart, you were made to do or create? Once you find your purpose, nothing can stop you. Finding your purpose is like finding that last puzzle piece in life. It completes your roadmap on how to achieve your goal. Always approach things with purpose in mind.
  3. Pride can either be a good thing or a bad thing. How does pride affect your work or craft? Does your pride get in the way of your goals? Do you feel discouraged when your goals aren’t achieved the way you planned? Take a moment and reflect on your pride, figure out if you have pride in your work or if you have pride within yourself. If you have pride within yourself, take a step back. This could be the cause of your discouragement and lack of clarity. Don’t be so invested on how you want things to go and just go with the flow. Take that pride and put it into your work. When you have pride in your work, you tend to produce masterpieces. Continue to work from there and produce some of the best pieces, YOU can produce.

With all that being said, take a moment and reflect on what is your why. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you get discouraged when you can’t see the end goal? Why do you have a creative block? Why did you begin the journey in the first place? Reflecting on these questions while keeping these 3 P’s in mind will help you get the answer you need. It will also provide more clarity and drive to achieve those goals you placed on yourself.