I recently facilitated a workshop on the concept of Growth Mindset and found myself knee deep in need of doing some mindset shifting of my own. Growth Mindset is sort of a buzz word that is being used across sectors to reimagine the way we influence our workforce and the success of businesses across a wide range of industries. The embodiment of a growth mindset is incredibly effective both in the workplace and personally and is considered to be the foundation for sustainable success. It makes sense. If you are able to see yourself and abilities as ever-evolving and understand the idea that success is on a continuum rather than a resting destination point, you’d likely be willing to take more risks, embrace failure, and master the art of innovation.

If you asked most people whether they have a growth mindset or a more fixed oriented one, they would likely say growth. Chances are they don’t. How many of us get caught up in the game of perfection, sticking to what we know best so that we won’t be found out for what we don’t actually know? No one wants to look bad. Or what about the avoidance of feedback and confrontation? Most people avoid both like the plague because being told that we are doing wrong or not getting quite right feels incredibly threatening to the image of who we are or to the image we have created for ourselves. Now understand that the growth mindset is on a continuum and can be achieved once we have the awareness of where we stand and then commit to doing the work.

If you’re pondering where you fall on this continuum, I’d spend some time considering the following questions:

Do you believe that you can continue to grow, improve, take on new challenges, and excel in areas where you lack a track record of success or experience? Do you believe that your brain is teachable, trainable, and changeable? Or are you fixed in believing that your current version of self is as good as it gets?

Have you developed a personal definition of success, one that is not derived by the standard that the outside world has given you? Are your behaviors, habits, actions congruent with what it takes to achieve your definition of success, or are you still chasing someone else’s dream?

Do you trust yourself to make sound decisions on your own behalf? Are you willing to take chances, create and innovate? Do you believe that you can rebound from missteps and evolve in the face adversity?

If your interest has been peaked and you want to learn more, I’d check out this short video here. As for me, I’ll start my day with the simple phrase, “I have the ability to grow” as reminder that no matter how the day unfolds, and what missteps I may make, I have an endless capacity to do better, be better, and influence others to do the same.