As a business owner, you often find yourself spending overtime managing the emotions and needs of the people that work with you.  You worry if they are buying into your dream. You worry they will make a mistake that will send your business spiraling out of control. You worry they will resign in the middle of a big project leaving you holding the ball and scrambling to keep your client happy in the midst of the storm.

Earlier this year I had all these worries and more.  While the business was growing and we were doing amazing work, something seemed off and my team seemed disjointed. Then one day a team member came to me and gave me permission to stop chasing perfection. She told me it was ok for me to make a mistake, ask for help and admit that I didn’t have all the answers.

I have to admit that her comments caught me completely off guard. She was giving me permission – this seemed a bit backward to me. But her advice was spot on.  You see since I own the company I didn’t realize that it is ok for me to make mistakes ask for help or admit I didn’t know what to do. I thought I had to have all the answers. Boy, was I wrong.

Now anyone in leadership knows this is a difficult truth to face. Admitting you’re not perfect? What? That’s bordering on heresy.  How dare one who is leading the charge admit they don’t have all the answers? Well, I’ll tell you how. You do it with confidence and transparency. You tell the truth, ask for help and listen to the advice you’re given. Oh, and when the advice is given you listen, say thank you – and mean it.

Ever since that day I’ve made a lot of mistakes – we all have, and instead of wallowing, we learn from them, and recently we’ve had a lot of good laughs reminiscing about what occurred and how we were able to upright the ship.  I also learned to relax and understand that I won’t ever be perfect nor do I have to be and everyone is ok with this. They like working with me and believe in what my company stands for.

Recently, my team presented me with a miniature statue of Mickey Mouse with a quote from Walt Disney that reads “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  I was completely caught off guard watching their smiling faces and listening to testimonies about the happiness my company has brought into their lives.  I have to admit their stories and this little statue moved me to tears.  It has so much meaning and is a testament to how far we have come as a company and my growth as a business owner.

So give yourself permission to make a mistake (or two, or ten). Let go and allow your team to support you, celebrate your vision and embrace your dream.  You know why?  Because when they support the vision they are supporting you, and then doing the impossible becomes possible and you get to have a lot of fun along the way.

Go ahead, you can do it.