Hey Guys! Amya here. You haven’t heard from me in a while because I’ve been on a break. I have lots of new things happening. I’m five now and everything is different. I go to a new school and guess what? They make you go every day! Every day is way too many days. I wish I had more breaks. I keep telling mommy I don’t need to go every day. I need time to come to the office and spend time with her and Aiden. Plus, I have to wake up soooo early. What about breakfast? You’re supposed to eat breakfast at the table, not in the car!


Mommy says school is important and big kids like me go every day. She says that she and daddy have to go to work and I have to go to school and that’s the way it works. I think it’s not. I think breaks work and I think they’re better. Breaks are the best thing ever. You get to do what you want, have fun adventures, and spend time with your family and the people you love. I think everyone should take more breaks, even big kids and grownups too. Ok, bye.