In the motorcycling community it is common knowledge that there are two types of riders. Those that are going to fall and those that have fallen. For years I have been blessed to be a member of the former category. Recently, I joined the ranks of the latter, when I had my first fall. Sure, I’ve had a few minor tumbles – tipping over accidently and minor spills. Taking my first serious fall was both scary and empowering and while thankfully I walked away with a few bumps and bruises the lesson I learned about falling and getting back up was paramount.

We all fall down. One moment you’re moving towards your goal with the agility and form of an Olympic athlete and suddenly out of nowhere an obstacle enters your path and you find yourself blindsided and knocked off course. When I fell off my motorcycle I remember lying on the ground and thinking to myself – “Denise you have two options. You can either lie here and let your nerves get the best of you or you can get up, shake it off, get back on that bike and continue.”

When we fall down it is essential that we accept the help that is being offered.  When I fell, my club brothers immediately moved in to help. They redirected traffic, picked up my bike (thank goodness because it weighs 672 lbs.), made me take off my helmet and goggles so I could catch my breath, asked me repeatedly if I was ok, walked around my bike to inspect it for damages and let me decide what my next step would be – would I continue, or did I want to go home.  In my opinion there was no option. Since both choices involved me getting back on my motorcycle I choose to continue and off we went.

When we fall there is an immediate fork in the road. While both paths are acceptable, we must look at our long-term goals when deciding which direction to choose.  While many may have opted to turn around and go home, my choice to continue helped build my confidence and it garnered an unwavering respect from my club.

We all fall down. It’s inevitable. But remember, it’s not the fall that measures your grit. The true measure comes in your ability to get up, put one foot in front of the other and continue moving towards your goal.

So get up – what are you waiting for?