Hey there! I’m Treveon Alexander and the new Account Manager for Herd Strategies. Even though I only started about a week ago, the Herd Strategies team has made me feel right at home. Stepping into the Herd Strategies office on my first day, I immediately felt comfortable and part of the team as I was greeted with a warm welcome of smiles and good mornings from all around. As I sat down, I said to myself, “I’m back.” Let me explain.


Years ago, I worked for Denise as an intern at the Indiana Black Expo. Let her tell it, I was the groupie that bow guarded my way into her office. At the time, I worked in a different department as Denise, but I paid attention to her and the work she was doing. Her group of summer interns that seemed to be having a great experience made me feel like that was where I wanted and needed to be. I’ve always been someone that thought out an action plan before I acted, and this was no different. I figured I would plant the seed of who I was and that I wanted to work with her before approaching her about an internship. I started by occasionally stepping in her office just to say “Hi” then later mentioning how I admired the work she was doing.” After a couple weeks had passed, I mustered up enough courage to have that conversation. I poked my head into her office with the biggest Kool-Aide smile my face could fit, asked if she was busy, then said, “Denise, I want to be your intern.” To my surprise, she was actually interested in discussing an opportunity. That was my first marketing experience and after it all, I knew that marketing was going to be my field of study in college.


A little while after my makeshift internship had ended, I noticed that Denise had started a business as she frequently posted about it on Facebook. I often commented on her posts and sent her messages to let her know what I’ve been working on and how things were going. Honestly, I wanted to stay in touch with her because I knew she was someone everyone wanted to know.


Fast Forward, I had moved around from city to city for about 3 years in a marketing role with a previous employer and I felt as if it was time for me to come back home. Plus, I had a wedding to plan. When I did finally move back to Indianapolis, I reached out to Denise asking for a meeting to pitch her some ideas. After speaking with her for about an hour, my “shy kid walking passed her office” feelings had come back. After our conversation, I closed with, “So, do you need some help around here?” We laughed it off and I walked out of her office heading back to my car thinking to myself, “I wonder if she knew I was serious.” As I was about to open my car door, I hear my name being called and it was Jihada, a staff member of Herd Strategies, telling me to come back. I thought I had forgotten something, but they actually wanted to talk to me about an opportunity to work with Herd Strategies.


I now sit here at the Herd Strategies work table that gives me the feeling of what I envision the famous round table of King Arthur feels like because of the power moves that are made here. This is a simple testament of how things can come back around FULL CIRCLE. I went from groupie to Account Manager with a lot of lessons learned in the meantime. Know what you want, ask questions, and go for it. Thank you Denise for your constant support.