It is extremely bittersweet that my time with Herd Strategies has come to an end. Getting to work alongside a team that cheers you on and challenges you to do better has been a dream.


The minute I walked into the Herd Strategies office for an interview and received a loud welcome and joyful smile from Denise Herd and Jihada Garrett, my gut told me that this is the place I belong.


If there is anything I’ve learned from my previous places of employment is that it does not matter how much they pay you, what matters most is the work environment. I can honestly say the culture at Herd Strategies made me excited each morning to get up and come to work.


As the summer weeks passed, I remember sitting in the office one Monday morning and as I looked around at my team focused on their tasks, I thought to myself, “I am so happy to be here. To be doing real public relations work and to have such a loving team.” I have learned key lessons from each person that I can apply to my professional and personal life.


Dinah “Muffy” Allen, my fellow intern, is a gregarious individual who is remarkable at capturing moments while we are out in the community. From Dinah, I learned that the most important brand is you.


Jihada Garrett is a superwoman who is creative and stellar in her line of work. She always makes time to listen and is patient with teaching the ropes of the agency. From Jihada, I learned that you must always be on your A-Game and that nothing is impossible to achieve.

Denise Herd is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I admire her because she is an outstanding entrepreneur who has broken through barriers, a phenomenal leader, and an accomplished public relations professional who is a master of her craft. One of the best lessons I learned from Denise, is to always be unapologetically yourself and to never let one bad day bring you down. Years from now when I look back, I will tell people that I was lucky enough to work with Denise Herd at Herd Strategies.


I am thankful to have sat at the table with others who love our industry and are passionate about the work they do. We have shared many laughs and great stories. It has been my pleasure to work here as an intern. Thank-you Herd Strategies!