Today’s Friday Focus is on Voices Corp., an organization that provides community outreach programs targeted towards youth impacted by trauma & hardship. Their goal is to change the narrative of some of Indianapolis’ most vulnerable youth and families by helping them to build exceptional skills in five areas: self-regulation, relational skills, problem-solving, positive community involvement and increased literacy.

Voice Corp.’s mission is to enhance the lives of youth
through expression of self, community involvement, and providing options that
will empower them to positively change their lives.

One way they are connecting with the youth is by exposing
them to various industries and providing job training to help them succeed. Voices
also provides tutoring, arts programming, day treatment services, and much
more. As a result of this programming along with having established trusting
and affirming relationships with their youth, they have seen many positive
gains in the areas of mental health, crime prevention/intervention, and

Voice Corp. also believes in the power of connection and
collaboration and is actively seeking partnerships with other youth-serving organizations.
To learn more about Voices Corp, visit their website at