our families with quality produce can be challenging but with the help of the
Indiana Black Farmer Collective, residents of Indianapolis can access fresh produce
while supporting small businesses. Today’s Friday Focus is on the Indiana Black
Farmers Market Co-Op, which is a collective of farmers that include the
Lawrence Community Gardens, Elephant Gardens, Mother Loves Garner, and Three
Sisters Gardens.

The cooperative aims to provide food to our communities and educate residents of the benefits of growing their own produce. Many of us can attest to the fact that food is so much better when it’s fresh and grown locally.  Last year, our very own team member, Dinah Allen, bought a yellow cherry tomato plant from the Lawrence Community Gardens. With helpful tips from the farmers, her plant grew delicious tomatoes and her family has enjoyed the fruits of her labor. The farmers market is a great time to ask urban farmers questions about the growing process and how to select the best fruits and vegetables for your next meal.

the weather is warm, it’s a great time to get out and explore all that the
Indiana Black Farmers Market has to offer. To learn more about the Indiana
Black Farmers Co-op and the next farmers market, visit their website here: