Today’s #FridayFocus is on Black Music Month
and the many African Americans who have created music that has shaped American
culture and touched the lives of people worldwide. Soul music has become a
staple in our community and was one of the very first forms of communication
during slavery. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the month of June as
“Black Music Month” to celebrate the influence that African Americans have had
on our culture.

Black music matters and African Americans have
been the innovators and creators of the music industry since the beginning of time.
From the early times of jazz, rock, gospel, to hip hop and R&B, almost
every aspect of music has been influenced by African Americans and our culture.
The music has been a tool to inspire, engage, bridge gaps and divides while highlighting
various political landscapes and then using the healing power of song to
influence change. 

Black music will continue to shape our culture
and we’d like to take time to show appreciation for all of the composers, musicians,
producers, writers during Black Music Month. 
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