More than ever, our society is in need of strong leaders to push through adversity and advocate for change. Not only advocate, but actually take action. 

With the MLK day approaching, now is the perfect time to
focus on how Dr. King’s relentless push for change altered the landscape of our
country.  Though he was not perfect, he
did possess qualities that we can incorporate into our very own lives.

What can you do to instill change in your community? Are you
willing to volunteer at your local community center or mentor a young man or
woman beyond your immediate network? What about sharing your expertise with
others and inspiring them to take action themselves? Small efforts done
collectively can be monumental in fostering change.  Focusing on small things that you can do every
day can do a lot to unite this nation and move our country forward.

Each one of us has the ability to provoke change like Dr.
King, but the question is how?

What will be your focus? Whatever you choose, be a leader in
your circle, advocate for change and be prepared to take action. Learn from Dr.
King and push forward no matter how hard it gets. Get up; let’s go; and let’s focus.
Continue the fight that Dr. King led and let’s bring his dream to full fruition.