Today’s #FridayFocus is on Joseph Varney Baker who formed, Joseph V. Baker Associates, the first black-owned public relations firm in the country in 1934.  He was the “first” to accomplish so much in the public relations industry.

  • First
    African American president of the Philadelphia Public Relations Society of America
    (PRSA) chapter in 1958
  • First
    African American in public relations to become known for acquiring significant
    accounts from large corporations in the U.S.
  • First
    black journalist to write for the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • He
    was the first African American to gain accreditation from PRSA.

Bakers firm did public relations, marketing, and advertising that focused on targeting the African American audience. The firm also worked with corporations such as Procter& Gamble, NBC, Pennsylvania Railroad, American Tobacco Company, and the Gillette Corporation. Thanks to Bakers relentless effort, he was able to encourage companies to hire African Americans to help develop marketing strategies aimed at African Americans.

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