Today is the first of 52 Friday’s we will experience during
2019. That’s 52 times Herd Strategies will pause for a moment and focus on an
issue, a topic, a person or an event we find interesting and feel that we must
share with you.

So, to kick things off, our herd is focusing on You. But not only do we want to
focus on you, we want you to do the same.  We all say we’re going to do it and we start
out with good intentions but then life gets in the way and our needs become
lower on our list of priorities.

To help you along the way we’ve created a list of five questions
that will help you on your journey.  Write
down each question along with your answers and place them in a location that
see every day. This will serve as your own daily reminder of your commitment to
focus on you.

Take some time and be honest with your responses.  Here we go:

  1. During 2019 I want to be a better _________________________.
  2. During 2019 I would like try ______________________________.
  3. During 2019 I am going to _______________________________.
  4. During 2019 I will not ___________________________________.
  5. During 2019 I am going to make sure I _____________________.

Good luck and remember focusing on you is an awesome opportunity.
 When we take care of ourselves it’s
easier to look after others. Take care of you.