This month is Women’s History Month and it seems that lately and appropriately so, I have been seeing women in Indianapolis level up and empower each other in remarkable ways. I personally have been very inspired by the ways we are working together, supporting and encouraging one another, and blazing a trail for the women that are to come behind us.

The following three events made an impact on me this month:

1. I learned a number of life lessons at the Women in Business Retreat hosted by the Indy Chamber

2. I listened to Angela Rye speak the truth during the Steward Speakers Series

3. I attended the launch party of Sidepiece Magazine

I think now is a great time to encourage you to focus on your own ability impact, influence, and inspire others. It may sound cliché but there is never too much girl power in the world. Just by telling someone, “I’m proud of your progress” or “I see your growth” or sharing simple words of encouragement can go a long way. Let’s focus on how we can impact, influence, and inspire our community.