Do you ever feel as though you never have time for anything? Are you consistently on the go and don’t seem to have a moment for/to yourself? You surely are not alone. For the last few years, I’ve struggled with finding balance between work, social life and getting involved in the community.

Finding balance in life is key in order to maintain a stress-free way of living. Obtaining balance flows into other aspects of our lives such as mental health, financial health and overall success. This can be achieved by following three simple steps: prioritizing activities, saying “no” and making time for yourself.

  1. Prioritizing is surely easier said than done but it is essential. Having to balance more than two things, always brings upon stress. One way that helps me to prioritize is making a list. Making the list shows me what has the most importance, what brings me the most stress and what brings me the most satisfaction. From there, I am able to let some activities go and relieve some stress off my shoulders.
  2. Saying “no” has never been an easy task for me. I always wanted to make sure others were happy and never wanted to miss out on anything. I reflected and saw that, it brought nothing but stress into my life. There are times where we can’t make everything and can’t make everyone happy and that is alright. If you can’t make it or don’t want to, you can say no. Saying “no” allows you to have more time in your schedule.
  3. Making time for yourself is the most important step to obtaining balance. Alone time brings clarity, peace and breathing time. Try to have one day a week where you are able to do what you enjoy. That can consist of cooking, watching your favorite show or even taking a bath. Having time to yourself helps with reflection and distressing from life’s woes.

Prioritizing, saying “no” and having alone time has benefited me in finding balance tremendously. Maintaining these steps has allowed me to focus on what is important and free up more of my time to explore new interests and build relationships. Taking the time to reflect has helped my stress level, especially during this transitional period in my life. It has allowed me to let go of old habits and make room for new, productive habits. With that being said, following these three steps will assist you in creating a better quality of life.