Last week we heard from Denise about all of life’s distractions and the importance of remaining focused and staying the course (if you didn’t get a chance to read her latest blog, check it out here).  I have to say I couldn’t agree with her more. One of my graduate advisors would constantly remind us that “distractions will kill you if you let them” and to “keep the main thing the main thing.” Over the past few weeks, I’ve been inundated with distractions that have in some ways caused me to call into question some of the foundational blocks of who I am, what I do and why I do it. That’s life. It happens. Fortunately, I get to choose my perspective and have assigned an end date to such confusion. As I put in the work to remain focused, I am reminded of a few things that I hope encourage you:

For every day that you are given, there will be wins and losses. I choose to focus on the wins. Some wins will be small, like your 4-year old tapping you on the shoulder saying “mommy, I love our life” #winning (that actually isn’t small but you get it).  Others will be monumental like inking a new deal that changes the entire baseline for your company #alsowinning. It’s easy to know how to spot the bigger ones and celebrating those is instinctive. It’s the small wins, however, that require a little more intentionality.  Though they may be small they are mighty. It only takes one win to encourage you to reach for the next one. It creates a cumulative effect. I have found that choosing to focus on these will propel you to stay the course even when you feel that you don’t have it in you. Taking time to stop and acknowledge your progress and celebrating said progress is oftentimes just the antidote you need to push through.

There are three other things I’d like you to note as you continue your journey towards success:

  • Winners know it’s about attitude.
  • Slow progress is still progress.
  • Transformative change doesn’t occur overnight.

Keeping these things in mind are sure to help you fight off the distractions and employ the proper perspective.

Here’s a simple tip to get you started:

Commit to making your bed every morning. You will start your day already having successfully accomplished one task, which will set the tone for the rest of your day. Even if by chance nothing else goes right that day, you will come home to a made bed that will give you the rejuvenation you need to go at it again in the morning. #winning