Remember when you were a kid on the playground playing dodgeball and you would try to throw the ball in and missed your intended target?  What did you do?  Did you throw your hands up in despair and take yourself out the game claiming that you weren’t good enough or didn’t have the skills to play the game?  Chances are you didn’t. Chances are, you asked to have the ball again, took a deep breath, thrust your shoulders back and with all of the courage, you could muster, yelled at the top of your voice – DO OVER!  The impact of these two words “do” and “over” when used together, are universal. The phrase is used on playgrounds around the world and we all know and understand the rules of engagement.  The player who has asked for the “do over” is respectfully given a second chance – an opportunity to start over and achieve their intended their goal.

Don’t you wish we could have “do overs” in life?  Personally, I believe that we are given do-overs time and time again.  It’s whether we choose to take them that truly defines us.  During the early years of my business I was really struggling. There was never enough money. I remember talking to my dad about this and he suggested that perhaps I consider looking for a full-time job.  I was so shocked when he said this. Looking for a job never was an option for me – I was committed to growing my business.  After he finished explaining his position I looked at him and said, “no daddy, I am not going to look for a full-time job, I just need to have a do-over.  I need to rethink how I’m doing things and get rid of what is wrong and keep doing what is right.”  I remember the two of us talking about my do-over and how empowered I felt as I mapped out my battle plan. Needless to say, a do-over was all I needed because it’s been nearly ten years since that conversation and I am still in business.

I encourage all of us to take some time and remember the power of the little things we asked for as kids and how impactful those lessons were.  Playing a game of dodgeball and asking for a do-over was a confidence booster and let our teammates and opponents know that while our first attempt was not the best, we are still in the game and committed to achieving a stronger outcome.  There is nothing wrong with asking for a do-over.  It gives you a chance to re-think your strategy, prioritize your efforts and achieve your goal on your terms.

So, go ahead – ask for it, you can do it – DO OVER!