Hello. My name is Rachon and I am one of Herd Strategies newest interns. I started just over a week ago and found myself so nervous as I prepared for my first day. I didn’t know what to expect as I walked through the doors. I had butterflies in my stomach. I’ve had multiple jobs in the past but I’ve never actually had one in my field of study. So on my first day I sent a text message to my mom and I told her, “Here goes nothing.”

I arrived at my destination and as I laid my eyes upon the welcome mat that read “Herd” I suddenly felt a bit calmer. I opened the door and right away was greeted with a very warm welcome from everyone. I made a slight hand wave because I felt like I couldn’t speak. Looking back now I don’t know why I was so awkward.

Everyone was already sitting around the table with their computers, working. Each member of the team has their own personality that really makes the business outshine others. Jihada was sitting in the back away from the gathering table but was still engaged in the conversation nonetheless. She was laughing and conversing all while shopping online instead of getting her work done (just kidding). I’ve met Jihada a few times before so I was pretty comfortable with her. After taking my seat, I met Efrain who is just so funny. He was making everyone laugh with his witty comments. I was then welcomed by Dinah. From the moment I met her I could see her personality. She is very bubbly and funny and makes you feel like you can just sit and chit chat about anything.

After introducing myself and sharing a few more details about who I am, I learned more about what they each do and how their work fits into the firm. After maybe an hour goes by I hear the door open right behind me. Immediately I know who it is without even looking. It was Denise Herd. She came right in and started talking to me as if we hadn’t seen each other since the end of the school year in May. She asked me about everything from my hair, school, to how I spent my summer. That was the last sign I needed to know that this experience is going to be something I’m going to enjoy. The butterflies left my stomach. I was no longer nervous. My watch then goes off and my mom says,” Go get em!” Everything fell into place all at the right time and I was thrilled. Here’s to a great internship!