Change, change, change. It’s a word that we hear often and one that evokes a range of emotions. Many of us dread it and cling tightly to what’s familiar even when it’s to our detriment. Let’s take a look at this Indianapolis weather where the seasons just won’t change. Old time winter just won’t let go and make room for springtime to blossom. It’s awful. Why won’t he realize that his season has passed and it’s time to move on? Sunny skies, laughter, and cheer await us if only we can get there.

Let’s think about how often this scenario plays out in our personal and professional lives. All the signs are there that things need to change yet we keep holding on and dragging out the inevitable for fear of the unknown or for the sake of preserving comfort. It’s useless and does not serve us. Change is inevitable and is almost always an opportunity for something greater. It’s where innovation and creativity live. It’s where elevation thrives and often to what our destinies are tired. Don’t be like old man winter overstaying your welcome in a season. Be better. Know that whatever you are seeking is also seeking you and a few well-placed changes will help you get there. Take the plunge. Better things are on the horizon.