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Do You Have the Time?

on December 13, 2017
in Marketing

2017 has been a year full of many “firsts.” There have been many highs, a few lows, and numerous doubts along the way. It’s been a year of growth, pruning, reflection, more pruning, planning, pruning,…

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Mindset Check

I recently facilitated a workshop on the concept of Growth Mindset and found myself knee deep in need of doing some mindset shifting of my own. Growth Mindset is sort of a buzz word that is…

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Rested, Set, Go!

on October 18, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I checked into a hotel because I desperately needed to unplug from all of life’s responsibilities and distractions. I needed to make time to feed my soul and recharge. Sometimes…

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Don’t Forget to Count the Small Wins

Last week we heard from Denise about all of life’s distractions and the importance of remaining focused and staying the course (if you didn’t get a chance to read her latest blog, check it out

5 Tips for Finding Balance and Designing a Life You Love for Moms Who Work




Hey ladies! Being a working mom is no easy task. We are asked to juggle quite a bit. What I like to do though is help people figure out how to juggle…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

It’ no secret the power that lies within the hearts and minds of us women. We have been the authors of and catalysts for historic movement and monumental change since the beginning…

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