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A Little Help Please

on March 7, 2018
in Marketing


Lately I’ve been using a 4-lettered word with my friends, colleagues
and my team.  Some might say that this 4-lettered word is a symbol of
weakness but I disagree.  I think this 4-lettered word represents
strength and humility.  It’s…

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Trust Yourself

on January 31, 2018
in Marketing

Hi guys, it’s Amya and Denise here.  We’ve been thinking a lot about something we think is very important no matter how young or seasoned you are. We all struggle with it … you know…

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Maintaining the Golden Rule

on January 17, 2018
in Marketing


Does anyone remember Miss Manners?  Miss Manners … you know, the lady that wrote the weekly advice column offering up valuable advice about proper etiquette. Does her name ring a bell for you?

I sure do…

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Give Yourself Permission …

As a business owner, you often find yourself spending overtime managing the emotions and needs of the people that work with you.  You worry if they are buying into your dream. You worry they will make…

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The Countdown Begins

In less than 90-days, we will all be standing together with loved ones and friends saying goodbye to 2017 and ringing in a new year filled with hope and promise. As the New Year approaches,…

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Remain Focus – Stay the Course

Life has so many distractions. As an entrepreneur, remaining focused on achieving your goals can almost seem daunting.  It’s so hard. It’s hard to stay on track and the list of excuses is…

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on May 31, 2017
in Marketing

Herd Strategies is a full service, integrated marketing and communications agency headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This summer, our team is getting out of the office – we want to explore new events and activities around town….

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How to Launch a Successful “Mini” Digital Marketing Campaign

on April 18, 2017
in Marketing

March was Women’s History Month and this year we profiled 10 Black women in Indianapolis who rock. Our #IndyBlackGirlsRock campaign ran in honor of Beverly Bond’s presentation on March 30th – she was invited to Indianapolis by Steward Speakers. Herd Strategies was a…

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Lessons in Leadership From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

on January 16, 2017



Last year I had a chance to visit the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.  While…

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Denise Herd to Speak at Indy Chamber’s 4th Annual Women In Business Retreat


Herd Strategies President, Denise Herd, is speaking at the Indy Chamber’s 4th Annual Women in Business Retreat February 16-17th. On day two, Denise will lead the opening session with a presentation titled