Several years ago, while on a business trip to Minneapolis, I had the opportunity to meet then State Representative, llhan Omar. She was the first Muslim elected to serve the state of Minnesota and I remember being so impressed by her commitment to her faith and her passion for service. Last night, I watched with total joy and amazement as she and 99 other women from both sides of the aisle were elected to the House of Representatives.  Watching this unprecedented amount of women not only run for public office but win was amazing. Witnessing their achievement reminded me of why it is important to not only vote but to become involved in the political process.  There is a movement in our country and it is imperative that we all get involved. Whether we are democrat, republican, libertarian or independent we owe it to the unique communities we represent to raise our voices, reach across the aisle and work together for the good of our nation. Our country is becoming more vocal, diverse, emboldened and critical. Yet we are making great strides in strengthening our economy, creating jobs and pathways to entrepreneurship are at an all-time high.  Now that the elections are over and the dust is settling, we must work together if we are going to achieve the success we are capable of. Now is the time to put our differences behind us and work together to move our city, state and nation forward. We are more alike than we are different and while we will always remain true to our political viewpoints, we must not let them serve to deter us from achieving our goals.