Lately I’ve been using a 4-lettered word with my friends, colleagues
and my team.  Some might say that this 4-lettered word is a symbol of
weakness but I disagree.  I think this 4-lettered word represents
strength and humility.  It’s a word we all have in our vocabularies
but we’re often hesitant to use. That little word that can elicit a
frown or a smile is “help”.

Why are we afraid to ask for help?  When did it become such an issue?
When we were children we needed help with everything. And, when we
couldn’t figure something out we asked for help. We asked for help
with things big and small and we were never afraid to accept whatever
support was offered.

Then as we grew up something changed and we became reluctant to ask
for help. It’s as if we don’t want people to know beneath our
superhero capes we are human.  We should never be afraid to ask for
help. Sometimes the load can be heavy and we need to share it with
others. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. The Beatles wrote
a song about it – they said we get by with a little help from our
friends and they were right, we do. Yes, help is a 4-lettered word but
it’s one of the good ones. It’s a word that can open us up to new
relationships and can ensure we achieve success.  It’s a word that
shows others that it’s acceptable to seek support and to say yes when
others want to come your aid.

Help – that little 4-lettered word that carries power and hope. Don’t
be afraid to use it. Everybody needs a little help from time to time.